Partnering or Going it Alone

The idea of whether to engage in partnerships comes up frequently at Fintech conferences. On reflection I don’t think there is a right or wrong answer and here is why. Large financial institutions frequently extol the virtues of partnering with Fintech firms whether they are new start-ups or established. I attended the ‘FutureScope’ conference in […]

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Offshoring to Ireland

Like most businesses there are many routes to market and setting up a new fund in Ireland is no exception. Managers will typically either self manage (establish a physical presence themselves) or appoint an administrator to whom they can outsource a range of functions and services. Establishment which is the main theme of this article […]

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Dublin’s Fintech Environment

I’ve been fascinated by Dublin’s Fintech community of late. It’s active and exciting and with loads going on every day. Contrary to belief its not that new and neither is the concept and the idea around Fintech. Fintech is largely understood to be a cosy marriage of ideas, solutions and capabilities between Finance and Technology […]

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