Offshoring to Ireland

Like most businesses there are many routes to market and setting up a new fund in Ireland is no exception.

Managers will typically either self manage (establish a physical presence themselves) or appoint an administrator to whom they can outsource a range of functions and services.

Establishment which is the main theme of this article is made easy however by the constituents with the local Irish Funds including, the industry association.

In principal a company intent on creating its own presence will need to appoint:

Fund Administrator


Transfer Agent

Legal Council

Audit Reporting

Company/ Secretarial


Management Company

For new funds of which there are two types namely AIF and UCITS a number of key tasks need to be completed. These include:


Legal Structure

Regulatory Approval

There is also an option to redomicile a fund from another jurisdiction into Ireland. This may be significant in the context of Brexit and any changes to access to EU passporting across the region.

(Ref. and Central Bank of Ireland)


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