Challenging Account Opening

There are 3 things that I look for when opening a new account: App Capability Paperless Documentation Quick Response Times This shouldn’t sound unreasonable and in fact it isn’t for the challenger banks and payment intermediaries who place a premium on providing a superior client experience. Companies such as Revolut, N26, Transferwise, CurrencyFair and […]

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Evolution across the Asset Industry

Times are changing for the asset management and asset servicing businesses. Sweeping changes are occurring across the industry transforming tightly managed markets and counterparty based relationships from a business that has been: Labour intensive Reliant on many manual processes High cost Based on older systems and processes Often ‘off market’ or OTC  Catalysts Regulation – […]

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Q2: A Fintech Snapshot

Q2: Fintech Observations and Insights Summertime is here. Students have finished their exams and families are taking well deserved holidays. So it’s a good time to reflect upon the past quarter in the Fintech market.  There have been some really interesting moves of late so let’s take a look at their significance. Strength Investment levels […]

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The Sound of the Crowd

Alternative finance including P2P lending and crowdfunding (CF) has ably filled the gap left by the banks inability and unwillingness to provide much needed finance post 2008. Here we consider reasons to be optimistic for the future of social financing and how lending platforms will continue to benefit the market. In this age of the […]

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Market Regulation and Opportunity

Regulation is a fact of life in financial services. Banking and financial institutions face it across multiple layers but few manage to turn it into an opportunity. They now risk losing out. Here we look at why this happens by reviewing two of the more relevant pieces of legislation across the banking and finance marketplace. […]

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Managing clients and marketplace

I have met several of the leading financial institutions over the past few weeks. Talk often turns to Money and Payments and how rapidly the landscape is changing. There are many factors for consideration some of which I have included hereunder, there are likely to be winners and losers over the coming years. Marketplace – EU […]

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